Photos from the 1960's.
I'd never seen bananas growing before going to Malaysia.
Barbecue food
Khaki shorts and white shirt were my school uniform, so this was an end-of-term photo from Singapore.
Christmas Greetings
School photo from Farley Hill, near Arborfield.
Betty in Arborfield
Butterfly hunters
Up in the Cameron Highlands, on an R&R holiday.
Dad, home was 5 Jalan Adil, Kluang. The house still exists. That car certainly doesn't, it was a rust-bucket then!
Cameron Highlands
Pretty clear when I took this photo of Mum & Dad.
Christmas Day
First Christmas Day swim ever. For some reason, it felt cold, even 'though, it couldn't have been.
Coconut Palm
Fascinating sight, but those who climbed the tree were even more wondrous to watch.
Corporal Dad
Early '60's, mebbe in Blandford Forum.
Just to prove I've hated being photographed since forever.
Cub Scout
11yrs old, before boarding school took over.
Dad & Betty
Cameron Highlands. So cold, note the cardigan!
Corporal at Christmas
I believe this was when we lived in Blandford Forum
Cricket in Kluang, Dad umpire'd.
Diving Board
We lived in the swimming pool, it was the only way to get cool. This board was easy, the higher ones felt a lot more scarey.
Probably taken soon after we moved to Malaysia.
Fancy Dress
Dad always laughed at the bollocking he got for his costume - stamped with MOD arrows and "Prisoner of Her Majesty" on it.
Fifi, my long-tailed macaque. She was a lovely pet, but not the least bit house-trained.