19740530 Microbiological Research Establishment

I ran a web server until recently, when I decommissioned it. I have saved the very few pages on it in a format this album can handle. I left home tat 18 to work as an Assistant Scientific Officer at the Microbiological Research Establishment. Formative years indeed and very interesting work. Being an MOD establishment, I have no photos of myself in that time, but I have gleaned a collection pf photos and papers from that soprt of period, and Icreated what I hoped was an informative web page with everything I had included. That webpage is now extinct, but I have a screen grab of it here.
Microbiological Research Establishment
Very few pictures of this seem to exist. So I found this one to display.
Work wear
My normal work wear. Military respirator, fitted with a biological rather than a chemical, filter, surgical gloves, gown, hood, army pyjamas and Dunlop…
Non-dirty lab
Not all the labs were high-containment. A large number were (fairly) safe.
The lady in the foregorund, Dorothy Burrell, was a great influence on me, and…
Covering Letter
I found some, but not many interesting documents when creating the original webpage. This was a covering letter supplied with one of them.
USA report
The DICE trials were a joint exercise, with the USA. This is (one of) their reports.
Professor Spratt 1998 report
For some reason this report is now hard to find. It was commissioned by the MOD but you try getting a copy from them now!
Web page dump
This is a screen dump of the original web page I produced. Perfectly readable but not dynamic in any way.
In all fairness, the original webpage didn't do very…
Cyclone sampler
I was very impressed with this double cyclone sampler, that automatically limited the vacuum supplied to it, no matter (within bounds) how much it fluctuated.
Job Offer
My first "proper" job. Looks impressive, but I was soon taught that Assistant Scientific Officer, ASO, was usually pronounced "Arsehole" :-)
Safety card
There were a number of incidents at Porton while I was there. One including me, when I tried to remove my finger with a scalpel that had just been used on an…
Animal Experiment licence
The actual licence was a very impressive document, printed on heavyweight paper and tied and sealed with red ribbon. I had to surrender that but I kept the…
I believe I was the youngest person at the time to receive a Licence to Experiment on Living Animals. Whatever, the conditions were onerous, quite rightly.…
Golden Arrow
Golden Arrow control vehicle. Code names were used a lot, particularly as radio was used for comms.
HMAS Whimbrel
HMAS Whimbrel was used as the carrier vehicle. A land rover with specialised spraying equipment was lashed to the deck.
I'm not sure if this THE Whimbrel,…
ETV Icewhale
Before Whimbrel, ETV Icewhale was used. I think that whatever suitable sized boat that could be found was hauled into service.
Silver Jubilee
Silver Jubilee ball invitation.
Silver Jubilee party
Invitation text
Land Rover sampler
The sampling station, of which I was one operator, was powered by a vacuum pump in turn driven by the land rover engine.
An adapted Canberra bomber was used to spray test chemicals. No reason for me to have included this, other than that I like aircraft!
Coastguard Station, Fleet
The Coastguard station at Fleet was used as our HQ and rendezvous point for the duration.