A time of growing up, finding my way in life. A process that took far too long, with far too many mistakes! :-)

19740530 Microbiological Research Establishment

I ran a web server until recently, when I decommissioned it. I have saved the very few pages on it in a format this album can handle.
I left home tat 18 to…

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Cindy, sitting on my first means of transport, a little 50cc step-thru' Suzuki.
Long-haired layabout
18yrs old, living with Leena & Malcolm, at Winterbourne Gunner.
I was a proud Assistant Scientific Officer working for the MOD at Porton Down. To bring me down…
Dad out on exercise in Germany. This is the only photo of him with a weapon (a Sterling SMG)
Fishing Licence
The Germans have a permit for everything. I had to have this for coarse fishing with Dad.
Fishing Licence
Renewal of the licence involved paying a small sum and getting a stamp each year.
Flared but not grown-up
Probably shot at Bordon in our rather unpleasant army quarter. Guess I was still at school.
Mum's photography lesson
More a case of showing my flowing locks than anything else. I mean, a hamster in a shoe?
Passport photo
I think this is more likely an ID card photo, possibly for Bath University. Late 1970's.
Land's End
I must've still been living at home, so this would have been the last family holiday.
Pops & Nan
By now, Nan & Pops had moved to warden accommodation at Winnersh.
Nan, knitting
Nan knitted almost as fast as Mum.
Pops and brother
I think this was taken in Gloucester.
Salt mine in Salzburg
While still living in Germany, we went to Austria on holiday. The salt mine was great fun/