Photos from the 1980's.


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The Open University. Came in handy that degree did. Got me to the shortlist of many a job interview.
Graduation Photograph,
The Open University, Ely Graduation Ceremony. I owned the gown, but I've no idea what happened to it.
7 Chandler CLose
7 Chandler Close
Woolly Pully
Playing with my new Pentax LX and flash.
Pops, Winnersh
Devil's Cave
Actually the remnants of a Bath Stone mine, at the back of Bath University. It's been barred and gated now.
Little ol' Wine Drinker
This might have been taken in Dawlish, but I really can't remember.
Bus Driver
Dad probably enjoyed his time driving a coach around Europe more than his time in the Army.
Dad with Chainsaw
Dad partying
Dave, Dad, Lil, Sheila
Nan & Titch
Mum gave me the original of this with the instruction - "get it enlarged and cleaned up" when Nan died.
This being before the days of Photoshop, the…
Cheesy Grin