20021111 Website photo album

We used our website for commercial advertising. But I slipped in a sub-domain or two for our own personal photos. I separated them out into this album now.
Judy, after a bath
Taking the dogs for a walk is very much a favourite occupation for everyone who came to Maison de la Famille. In the end, we had to set up a rota system to…
Dirty boy, Charlie! Bad boy, Charlie!
Charlie likes to dig. And he likes to get dirty digging. What he can't seem to understand is that it always, but always, leads him to the dreaded bathroom for a…
Bill and the dogs at play
The dogs don't really like water... but on a hot day, when no-one was looking, we sneaked a lilo into the pool and they came for ride around the pool. We think…
Bill at Jumilhac
The château at Jumilhac is a classic example of what the world expects a château to look like!
This particular one claims that Rapunzel, the fairy-tale, was…
Barbados holiday
We went to Barbados soon after we met and had the time of our lives!
I was more than impressed with the Almond Beach Club, and I came away weighing considerably…
Beynac is a gloriously spectacular village on the Dordogne. It is also spectacularly steep. We went there in the cool of the Spring, before all the tourists…
Triumph Daytona 1200
My beloved Triumph Daytona. A gloriously powerful yet easy ride, it was simply becoming too expensive to service and maintain.
That, and that, at the time, it…
BMW R1150GS Adventure
I then owned a BMW R1150GS Adventure. Here it is in the workshop after having been fitted with the complete contents of the Touratech and Wunderlich catalogues.
The Lot
When we were exploring France with a view to moving there, we went along the Lot river. It's very pretty there but we didn't manage to find a property that…
Triumph Daytona 1200
My first real motorbike! This beast was a real thoroughbred and even 'though it was my first superbike, (that means fast! ) it was easy to ride. After I put on…
Wheelie school
Some Ixion members organised a wheelie school at Bruntingthorpe disused airport in early 2001. So this is me proving I am not a wuss and I can get the front…
Shadow & Jazz hugging
Shadow & Jazz having a hug. Brother and sister, we obtained these rescue cats from Wood Green, just outside Cambridge.
Sadly, Jazz was killed, probably by a…
Jazz and Gwen
Gwen, Jan's mum, with Jazz at Mistletoe Cottage.
Shadow having a bask in the sunshine, after a heavy session of lizard-chasing or whatever. Or mebbe he simply found the strain of moving from the shade to the…
Shadow on his back
Shadow has always been soppy and loves lying on his back while you tease him with a soft ball on a string or some such toy.
Stupid Shadow
Shadow enjoys nothing more than being stupid. Oops, wrong again, - it's food he likes more than anything else. Oh, and let's not forget the great cat sport of…
Not the most intelligent of dogs, let alone Parson Russell Terriers, Charlie is nonetheless very cute and very photogenic.
Charlie in the woods
Charlie, doing his best to look intelligent. Or innocent.
Puppy Charlie
Charlie as a puppy would run and run and run and run. And then he would fall asleep wherever he was when he stopped.
Charlie, 7 weeks old
Charlie, on the day we chose him. He is exactly seven weeks old.