20041225 Christmas Pudding

I've recently decommissioned my web server. I had a few small web pages on it that I have archived in this set of albums. I used to make my own Christmas puddings, based on a recipe from my Nan. I've stopped now as no-one but me seems to be interested in them :-(
I made a downloadable version fo the recipe, and was gratified that some (not many, but some) people found it useful
HTML page
This is a HTML-2-PDF dump of the web page. Perfectly readable, but not the least bit dynamic. Then again, neither was the original web page!
1 Ingredients
1. All the pudding ingredients gathered together
2. Pudding mixture
2. The mixture, ready for an overnight sozzle.
3. Silver thruppenny bits
3. Traditionally, old silver threepence pinces used to be added to the mixture.
4. Basin filling
4. Pudding mixture in their bowls
5. Greaseproof paper
5. A circle of baking paper is placed on top of the mixture.
6. Tieing the cloth
6. Tie the pudding cloth over the top of the paper.
7. Foil top
7. Tie a pleated foil cover over the pudding.
8. First steam
8. Removed the cooked puddings from their bowls.
9. Maturation
9. Wrap the cooked puddings in foil
10. Flaming pudding
10. Flaming thepudding