2006 50th Elefantentreffen

Photographs taken on the 2006 Elefantentreffen, the 50th. The Elefant is a motorcycle Rally held in late January, in the Bayerischen Wald, on the German/Austrian/Czechoslovakian border. Deemed to be a bit of hard man event, in reality it's the journey that is the tough bit. The actual Rally is great event. I had planned to create a web-page around these photos, but it turns out an album is just as good, if not better. And far easier to maintain. This was my second visit - well, it was the 50th one.
Urinal view
Walk up the hill to the village and a very typical and comfortable German bar selling good (the best in the world, methinks) Bavarian beer. And while you're…
Here is home for the next few days. The Thumper Club got there before me and very kindly donated a dug out space for me. Very kind and friendly guys.
Not Cornish
I'm not fom Cornwall. But the St. Piran's flag did help me spot my tent in a sea of tents.
Tent city
Tents everywhere - some small, some super-large. Some professionally organised, most just raised wherever.
A decent showing of French (and brits, come to that) turned up.
Now that is stylish camping equipment.
An MSR Dragonly (beacoup expensive) and an old saucepan with three bits of studding (an hours work in the workshop using scrap) made up my kitchen. Worked well,…
Cold, bright, ultra-clear and the smell of wood smoke. Lots of snow - it's the Elefant.
Breakfast for the Thumper Club
The Thumper Club
The original hairy bikers! A very nice bunch of blokes.
It's gonna be a beautiful, but cold, day again.
The tents go on for ever
Camp view
...and yet more tents
Spectacular valley
All set in the Hexenkessel, a spectacular and snowy valley.
The Forest
This place is soo different in the winter when the snow comes.
Valley view
Another spectacular view courtesy of Simon
High Street
The main drag during a quiet moment
Those who chose to ride into the site had an interesting parking experience
Beemer Art
But only possible after the fuel pictured here was quickly consumed.
Hand guards
Hand Guards a la Heath Robinson. Well, so long as they work...