Feu de Saint -Jean

An annual festival, now extinct in England but still popular in France. Named for the Nativity of John the Baptist, it is taken from a pre-Christian pagan festival of mid-Summer and indeed, that is pretty much what it is today.
Ready for ignition
The fire, built and primed, ready for the evening.
Food's up!
Serving the food in Saint-Priest-les-Fougères.
Evening al fresco meal
The evening starts with a sit-down meal (hey, this IS France - all food is eaten sitting down) - this year, it was ventreche (belly pork), andouilette (offal…
Dancing around the fire
Dancing around the fire (before the fireworks take off)
Bonfire with fireworks
The fire's finale - when fireworks finally light off.
St. John's Fire
Bonfires in France tend to be well stocked with fireworks. Much more interesting than a boring Guy!
Dying down
For as long as the fire burns, the celebrations continue.
Let the dancing commence
Dancing the night away.
Dance time
Everyone, but everyone, dances the night away.
The Fête du Feu de Saint-Jean starts in the early evening and continues until well into the night with music and dancing.
Eating on the Green
The annual Feu de Saint-Jean (St. John's Fire) is based on an old pagan celebration of Midsummer. Pretty much extinct in the UK, it's still extremely popular…