Photos from the 2000's.

2006 50th Elefantentreffen

Photographs taken on the 2006 Elefantentreffen, the 50th. The Elefant is a motorcycle Rally held in late January, in the Bayerischen Wald, on the…

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Feu de Saint -Jean

An annual festival, now extinct in England but still popular in France. Named for the Nativity of John the Baptist, it is taken from a pre-Christian pagan…

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20021111 Maison de la Famille

We moved to this part of France in late 2002. I was burned out from IT contracting and Jan had her fill of supervising cabin crew for Monarch airlines.
We took…

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20021111 Website photo album

We used our website for commercial advertising. But I slipped in a sub-domain or two for our own personal photos. I separated them out into this album now.

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20040130 Elefantentreffen

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20041225 Christmas Pudding

I've recently decommissioned my web server. I had a few small web pages on it that I have archived in this set of albums.
I used to make my own Christmas…

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The wilds of northern Tenerife
Dragon Tree
Ichod and the Dragon Tree, north Tenerife
Judy could and would climb ladders with ease, but was terrified of heights.
Atop the Montgó
I've made several ascents of the Montgó, but I've only taken Charlie & Judy once. It was a cloudy, cool day, making the rocks slippery, so not that much fun.
Camera shy dogs
I used the self-timer function on my tiny camera. But could I get teh dogs to pose?
Dogs posing
Somehow, they say still when I wasn't in the frame!
Look at the camera
You WILL look at the camera
Can we go now?
Little do they know it's harder to get down than it is to get up the Montgó
Right, we're off
Despite his dim-ness, Charlie could follow his nose back from anywhere. I couldn't leave him alone for long.
A better photo
About as good a photo as I was ever going to get.
Orchid, on the walk from the lighthouse to the windmills.
Sally & Lucy
Taken at Lucy's Christening, as I recall.
When I set up my web server, I created several experimental pages on it, trying out different techniques and utilities.
This page was used to try out different…