20150704 Shuttleworth Airshow

A chance to see the mighty Vulcan at a local airshow.
Avro Anson and De Havilland Dragon Rapide
Avro Anson and De Havilland Dragon Rapide flying together were very photogenic.
BBMF Spitfire
Achtung, Spitfeuer!
Bristol Blenheim
Restored after yet another major crash, it is now in Mk. 1 configuration, with a short nose. Much more attractive than the later models.
Blenheim Closeup
Great to see this flying
Frist display
Lovely display. The first display of this aircraft following restoration
Not a bad day for photography. Seeing the Blenheim flying was a major reason for making my way here today.
Nothing very sophisticated in my photographs: they are just to help me remember a great day out.
Blenheim attacking
Not the best aircraft of its time, but I still wouldn't want to face an angry one.
Prince Charles' Chipmunk
Apparently Prince Charles learned to fly in this very aircraft, which is why it has special permission to stay in these colours.
Fieseler Storch
First time I have seen one of these, although I saw a French Criquet once, at Colerne. Charming aircraft but apparently very thirsty.
EON Glider
Seeing this on the ground, I would never believe it was flyable. Yet here it was, with a pilot who is braver than me sitting in it with no more than a lap strap…
Hawker Hind
The Hawkers at Shuttleworth are beautiful and beautifully maintained. Further, they are beautifully displayed and beautifully flown.
Hawker Hind
Powerful aircraft for its time. But very, very agile and pretty.
Hawker taxying
Just landed
Sea Hurricane
Sea Hurricane taking off framed nicely.
Full up
It's a long time since I've been to an airshow. I was a bit surprised at how many people turned up.
Photo-reconnaissance Spitfire
I found a good place to frame aircraft as they took off. This magnificent Photo-recon Spitfire has a distinctive but accurate colour scheme.
Piper Cub
Piper Cub spotter, the American equivalent of the Fieseler Storch.
Provost Poppy drop
Provost dropping poppies as the show closes.
Sea Hurricane & Spitfire
A tandem display by the Sea Hurricane and the BBMF Spitfire