20150711 RNAS Yeovilton

A real surfeit of airshows for me this year - but I can't miss seeing the Vulcan in it's definitely-for-real-this-time last year of flight. I have tried not to see the whole show thru' the viewfinder - I wanted to enjoy myself along with Gerry. So I aimed to photograph those I hadn't seen before besides re-taking old friends as the light was markedly better. Still mostly a grey background tho' :-( I need to work out how to take shots of prop 'planes using a slower shutter speed - or faster - to blur out the prop more (or alternatively, freeze it entirely - not sure I want to go that route) - It' s about time I played with Shutter Priority in more detail I guess.
Goggle-eye Sprite
One for Jan: I know how much she likes these!
Wow! Too busy watching this stunning display to really snap it. I want to be in it next time he throws it around like that. Wow again. What a stunning…
Perfect pair
Aah, that's what I need to win the lottery for.
BBMF Hurri. The Shuttleworth Sea Hurricane was also here, flown by Dodge.
AW609 landing
Still looks a bit like a prototype, but one that's on the brink of manning up and getting on with the job.
V Force
All the V's! (well, perhaps a Victor and a Venom would just about complete the set.. but this is a good effort by anyone's standards)
Neither the Vulcan or the…
Typhoon afterburner
So where're the sonic diamonds from the tailpipes then? Modern engines seem to have lost that somehow along the way.
Sea King
Last chance, just about, to see this bird - it's due to retire in a couple of months and leave service entirely next year.
Norwegian Vampires! Beautifully handled.
Para flag jump
Ha! I felt I could do better than any of them when I was jumping! But a flag is still a potentially dangerous thing to display I suppose, so good on them. It…
Red Arrows break
A stunning performance by the Reds. Couldn't believe how much better they were than when I last saw them (umm, that was a few years ago now)
Sea Vixen
I have wanted to see this flying for such a long time now.
But after a wheels-up landing, she is now no longer airworthy.
The mighty C17
Hmmm... huge queue to go inside, so I passed on that. Seems to be rigged differently to the RAF ones, from what I can see.
Red Arrows pass
Another attempt at a technical photo.
Avro Vulcan
Yep, it's her again! Much easier to photograph this time, better light. But also, much more enjoyable to sit back and watch.
WTF? Hmmm, when I win the lottery, perhaps one of these rather than a helicopter/Learjet combo?
Eurofighter Typhoon
Now that's a better picture! Far too cloudy at Duxford. He displayed after the French Rafales and even taking into account they were holding back, he knocked…
Fairey Swordfish
Last time I saw this was at Cranfield, mebbe at the previous last, last flight of the Vulcan.
Big boy from over the water.
Dassault Rafale
Lovely French 'plane, came into service far earlier and cheaper than the Typhoon, but somehow doesn't seem to have the je ne sais quoi of the Tiffie.