20160102 Engineering Open Day

Old Warden held an open-doors Engineering day on a crisp January day. Great chance to get close-up and personal with the aircraft and take some interesting photos.
First-class condition - until I read the information plaque, I hadn't realised this was the old RAFSPA jumpship. Sadly, long retired from that role before I…
Fieseler Storch
Peter Holloway's beautiful Storch. He (what a nice chap) gave a short talk to a few of us, at which I learned the wings can be folded back along the fuselage,…
Fieseler Storch cockpit
Storch cockpit. Peter Holloway gave us privileged few a short talk on this aircraft - I want to fly in this one day, preferably on a breezy day when it's slow…
Well, on the plus side, the spark plugs are easy to get at.
Such an important aircraft. I have yet to see this making a hop along the runway. Keeping such old aircraft in working, airworthy condition is what makes this…
EON Glider
It looks even more fragile on the ground! If I hadn't seen this being flown I wouldn't have thought it was possible. Such an exposed position. I suppose it must…
Bristol Centaurus
I have no conception of how a complex engine like this gets designed and built such that it can reliably (well, mostly) run for hours on end. All without the…
Wallbro nose
I knew I'd seen Ken Wallis's Wallbro somewhere! It's now on display at the Shuttleworth Collection. No idea why it is classed as a replica, surely it is a true…
Wallbro tail
Wallis Brothers. I've no idea it if ever flew - I am guessing it would need a better propeller to even manage a gentle hop.
Ryan Pirate engine
This, one of Peter Holloway's stable, is now close to flight readiness.
Ryan Pirate
Peter Holloway's Ryan in near flight condition. I expect Dodge Bailey has claimed his place as first to fly her!
Bristol M1C
I love the nose of this little fighter. For an English design, it is very Germanic looking. Apparently, this is a replica, but it looks very authentic to me. A…
Shuttleworth firebox detail
Clayton & Shuttleworth built lots of traction engines and the like. I guess they had a hard life and not many are left. This one is going to need a lot of…
I have a lovely picture of my Grandad sitting in a charabanc. I will get around to scanning all my old photos one day.
Little Nellie
The most famous of Ken Wallis's autogyros. The rest of his collection is stored in a nearby hangar. Sadly, I don't think any of them will fly again.
Hurricane Merlin
se there chains appear to be driving a small magneto. But it looks far too small to provide sparks for the magnificence that is the Merlin.
Hurricane engine, starboard
Starboard side fo the Merlin. I have no idea which bit is what or why!
Hurricane electrics
In the area behind the pilot, so presumably something to do with the radio?
Car engine and radiator
Brass and copper and oil and stuff...
Bristol Scout
The lovely Scout now has a bomb rack. I have no idea how soon it'll be before she needs re-skinning but spitting oil everywhere is quite typical of the Scout -…