20160228 Tobago

Our holiday (well, Honeymoon, much delayed) combined with my 60th birthday in Tobago. We had a wonderful, but much too short a time, here and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Would we return? Yes with the caveat that there are so many other islands we have yet to visit. I took far too many photographs of hummingbirds but I don't care - they are so stunning to see.
Black Rock beach
The hotel pool, with it's swim-up bar is great, but a beach is a beach. This one is a couple minutes stroll away and has a beach bar and grill we can freely use…
Birthday meal
Yes. we're both tagged. Means free meals and drinks at the resort and the beach bar. But not here, at the Seahorse restaurant - nonetheless, no regrets, well…
Birthday drinks
Pina Coladas. When you're in the Caribbean, they have to be done. Again and again and again.
Birthday cake
Jan saw to it the hotel got involved in my birthday. They surprised even her by baking me this cake. Can't praise the staff enough, they were wonderful, in all…
Seahorse restaurant
Drinks now, food in an hour at sunset. It's my birthday and I'm enjoying every minute of it.
Beastly beer and Piña Colada
Beastly, (icy cold) when applied to beer. And this one is really, really, beastly.
Birthday breakfast
All I wanted was a quiet day on the beach and what do I get? Balloons and banners. Oh, and lots of Buck's Fizz. Oh alright, go on then!
Shelly, our favourite hostess
Shelly was given a hard time by some other nothing-is-right whinging guests. So we did our best to cheer her up. She mixed up a mean Pina Colada as well. A…
Piña Colada
Piña Colada No. 1,265 (not that anyone is counting.)
Birthday bed
The hotel staff were all press-ganged by Jan to prepare for my birthday. Which they did with great enthusiasm. Even the housekeeping lot joined in - this is…
Jan at the Seahorse
Early evening happy hour. When the sun goes down (6.15pm sharp) we eat. Thanks for organising all this Jan - except for the cake, the balloons, the banner, them…
Programmer at rest
Not a computer in sight - bliss!
Grand Courlan Spa
Lovely facilities, and yet so few guests staying here. Great for us, we thoroughly enjoyed the peace and quiet, but it felt unfair on the staff and the hotel to…
Fort Bennet
A stroll up to the nearest emplacement was a very pleasant outing. But walking back just a few minutes later was much hotter experience - that sun doesn't 'alf…
Creole Tiger Shrimp
Our last evening, we went to The Fishpot - reputed to be the best restaurant in Tobago - where we both had Tiger Shrimp - mine creole'd and Jan's…
Blue-crowned Motmot
Definitely the King of the Woods and a fantastically colourful and pretty bird. Always on the lookout for mischief and thievery, it was very happy to pose for…
Bare-eyed Thrush
Not that easy a bird to spot and photograph. It might be a plain little bird but I'm pleased I managed to photograph him.
Shiny Cowbird
At least as common, if not more so, than Grackles - surprising that, as I am used to grackles swarming over everything, thieving whatever they can. But they do…
Shiny Cowbird
Their name is quite correct, they are very shiny. Just not in my shot.
Rufous-vented Chachalaca
National bird of Tobago. Bit like a pheasant - it's a protected species... and good eating apparently.