20160418 Jersey

This was a long weekend in Jersey, mainly to go to the Durrell Wildlife Park, as my birthday present. Gerald Durrell has been a hero of mine since I was a child - sadly, I never got to meet him but I always promised myself I would come here, to his legacy. It took Jan to make it happen... I had a great time here and it really did feel like a bit of a pilgrimage.
12lb cannon
Or possibly 24lb. I don't really know. - it did make a satisfyingly loud bang when fired, however!
Bowling green
The castle even had a bowling green. No petanque here, no matter how close we are to France, this is the United Kingdom.
Fruit bat enclosure
Big, bigger than you'd believe, fruit bats. Unfortunately, these ones are as rare as hen's teeth :-(
Sulawesi Crested Macaques
I had no idea these are rare - especially after the recent copyright furore over the Minky selfie photo.
Me and my mate
A requirement of any visitor to Durrell's zoo is to be photographed here. I am the one on the right.
Jersey Zoo - at last!
I've waited a long, long time to come here.
Libert Square
The sculpture in Liberty Square
Two Minkys
Within bounds of safety for both visitors and the animals, they have a lot of room to move around.
St. Helier's Hermitage
St. Helier was a real person. This is his hermitage.
Regent Fort
What a glorious vista. Not. I expected St. Helier to be pretty, but it really isn't, not by a long chalk.
Peacock pheasant
Very pretty. I expect he would taste as good as our own common or garden pheasants. Now, where are the brandy-soaked raisins? :-)
Howler monkey
One thing I have noticed in this visit to the zoo is how a lot of the animals don't like being looked at. At best, they avoid eye contact, many will actually…
Bull gorilla
We thought he was asleep. Until we took a closer look at this photo and clearly, he wasn't.
Sumatran male. Plenty big enough to have a good understanding of L-space.
Jan with Jambo
Jan with Gerry
One of my regrets is never meeting Gerald Durrell. Visiting his zoo is the best I could manage - thanks Jan, a great birthday present.
Young female Gorilla
Enjoying the early Spring sun.
Golden Lion Tamarin
More or less running free in the zoo grounds. Magnificent!
Lovely yet ungainly on the ground, I would have loved to have seen this one in the trees. Still, to a veggie, those greens must look delicious...
Flag of 1781
Elizabeth Castle was hugely modified by the Germans during WW2. Dunno why they bothered, we de-militarised at the start of the war and made it clear we wouldn't…