20161029 Dublin

A swift there and back again trip to Dublin - it was an abortive effort to open a bank account - fortunately, AIB, the bank responsible for the cock-up, refunded our costs. A very pleasant day, yes, the Irish are lovely people. Must go back sometime.
Irish Coffee
Irish coffee... in Ireland!
Well, it's this or Guinness.
Green postbox
Green pillar box
Well, this IS Ireland.
It is interesting that this Edward VII box is still in use. Just in Irish colours. Nice one Ireland, well played.
Dublin Castle
Alas, no time to spare to go inside. This really is a flying visit.
Tart with a Cart
Somewhat modern statue of Molly Malone. Everyone, but everyone, has to find and see this when they come to Dublin for the first time.
Fag on a Crag
Oscar Wilde, a man with a fantastic vocabulary and the wittiest mind with which to use it.