20170427 Triumph Thruxton R

Jumilhac-le-Grand run
She is a sweetie n the sunshine
On a diet
Let's get rid of that fat UK bottom and go for a nice French derriere
Wintering up
I took this photo for our website. It came out well enough for me to post here.
Bye bye Beemer
You served me well, but I'm never gonna get you back on French plates, so you have to go.
1000 miles
During a pleasant hoon around the countryside with Neil, I stopped to capture this landmark moment. I don't intend to put many miles on this bike: in fact, I'll…
Ooh, my date awaits
Patiently waiting for me to collect her. Now for two days of the worst possible riding weather, in the pouring rain, whilst I try and get 500 miles on her, for…