20190125 Jávea

This is an initial test of a circular polarising filter I wanted to try out. Whilst the blues of the sea and sky deepened satisfactorily, the vignetting is quite noticeable - Lesson 1: do not stack filters - I placed the polariser on top of my protective ND filter. Lesson 2, don't use the filter on a wide-angle landscape, it's not needed and produces strange effects. Still, I'm here for a bit longer yet, I can retake these whenever. I also have the chance to play with the GPS info the camera embeds.
Jávea - view from Portitxol
Admire the vignetting! :-)
Testing out the 300mm end of the lens
The polarising filter certainly deepens the blues. But then, so does Photoshop! :-)
Isla del Portitxol
Uninhabited, but there does seem to be some derelict old buildings on there.
Cap Prim
For years, this was a favourite walk of mine. Not such much nowadays, I guess.
Cap Prim
The very end os dangerous, if not totally inaccessible. Sometimes, anglers get onto the rocks, somehow.
Cala Barraca
A lovely beach that's a fairly tricky drive to get to, but a great walk.
Isla del Portitxol
Again, trying out the zoom end of the lens.
Cap Prim view
A good test of the polarising filter, sea, air, shadow. Looks quite an impressive little filter.
A view from the Arenal beach.