20190212 Montgó

Another trip up this huge lump of rock. I am beginning to feel my age a bit, it was a lot harder than I remember my previous trip. But still worth it.
Montgó summit
Barney finding the only shade on the summit.
Montgó summit
OK, I cheated. I set the camera to "P", set off the self-timer and hoped for the best.
Starting to climb Montgó
A rugged trail giving way to a tricky scramble up to the summit, with a mad dog trying to pull me over any which way he can.
Barney the rock-dog
He's having a great time, but really, it's a long haul for him.
Yes, it is a bit steep, isn't it?
It doesn't look like it's getting any easier now we're halfway up.
Montgó along the coast
A view northwards, beyond Dénia
Montgó inland view
A very rugged landscape
Jávea view from the summit
Clear and dry, but there is still some haze about. Ibiza is not visible today.
Montgó summit
It really is a rocky, mountainous landscape 'round these parts.
Montgó summit
View inland from the top of Montgó.
Montgó bird
Love the throat markings. No idea what it is, looks like a thrush of some sort.
Montgó bird
Wondering if I am ever going to feed it.
Montgó bird
No idea what this is, but it was determined to be photographed.
Bee collecting pollen from wild lavender. I can't really photograph insect life (macro is my favourite) when I have a half-mad spaniel in tow.
Yellow flowers
Playtime with the macro lens
I *think* the common name of this is Butcher's Broom
White thistle
Yes, I am pleased with this one!
Blue flowers
Gotta crack that depth of field issue!
Sage, with rosemary in the background. I also saw lavender and what looked like fennel. Even this early in the year, the scent was superb.