20190308 Xàbia lighthouse walk

A day out with the camera, to see what I could capture.
Cala Tango
Tricky walk to get to this little cove. Not much here, it's a "I did it because it was there" achievement, is all.
Cala Tango
An experiment with stitching photos together into a composite
Xàbia view
Walking to the lighthouse from the port
Forest fire clearance
A bad fire wiped out all the trees on this side of Cabo San Antoni. Regrowth is happening but no tall trees for a few years yet.
Forest fire aftermath
Lots of charred remains of trees, rather than the forest I remember.
This is money shot of my walk. I'll be lucky to better this one, ever.
Sunset view of the lighthouse from Arenal.
A highly compressed but still huge file, this is a composite taken to about the usable limit.
I think the right lens for the right photo is a better option.
The Spanish don't really treat lighthouses as attractions - they are there to do a job, is all.
Visitors allowed no closer :-(
Not sure what this: I was using it as an opportunity to find out more about my macro lens.
Windy day macro
It's a windy day, so even macro-snapping a flower has its challenges.
Macro lesson
Flowers are easier to macrophotograph than bugs and insects. They make a great subject for learning the trade.
No, it's not really a dandelion. I didn't walk all this way to snap a soddin' dandelion!
Bug hunt
Insects are what I want to photograph, but they are not easy subjects - constantly on the move, never settling for long enough to set up a shot.
An attempt to utilise the sun hitting the petals. I'm not sure if this is a bugloss, but it certainly reminds me of them.
I cannot name plants to save my life.
Bug home
Even the smallest flowers are 'owned' by a bug or two.
Crinkled petals
The petals on these plants' flowers remain creased even when fully open.