These are photos I've picked up along the way, I have limited information about most of them, so I've put them altogether in this album.
Old Uniform
I don't have any details of who this is.
That might be a railway uniform, I'm not sure. Not convinced it's military.
Auntie Pam & Uncle Peter
I rather think they got married before we went to Malaysia in 1966, but had emigrated to Australia by the time we got back in 1969.
Corporal Jones
Pops was posted, to my knowledge, to Fort Carlisle (Ireland), Crater (Aden), Gosport and Arborfield.
I've no idea where this was taken, but it was fairly early…
Nan & Pops - Wedding
Nan & Pops wedding photograph
Staff Sergeant Pops
Still quite young, Pops is now a Staff Sergeant
Staff Sergeant Jones
Staff Sergeant with his men
Possibly taken in Tripoli - looks to be a light weight uniform.
Unknown Soldier
Mebbe from Pops' side fo the family? I have "Uncle Harry" in my head, but no other clues.
Pops' Dad?
This *might* be Pops' Dad
I *think* these might be Grannie's parents
Mum & Dad
I don't know where this was taken. I looks like a 1960's style photo, so not Tripoli.
Might be Kluang, Malaysia?
Mum with parents
I rather think this was taken in Bournemouth. Perhaps.
Mum & Peter
Mum with Peter.
Pops was a keen photographer, this might be one of his efforts.
Young Mum
I have no idea who the dog is.
Nan with cousins
Mum kept in touch with her relations for some time.
One lived on the Isle of Wight and I remember tale of an Elsie England in Bristol. But that is all I know.
Nan as a young woman.
Nan as a young woman.
Risque Nan
Taken by Pops I guess, but no idea where
Bristol Photo
It's clear where this was taken, but who are they?
Dad, Young Man
Dad as a young man.
Wedding Day
Wedding Day, Uncle Dave and Auntie Brenda