Fifi, my long-tailed macaque. She was a lovely pet, but not the least bit house-trained.
Barney wants tapas
Barney sees no reason why hew shouldn't get in on the tapas phenomenon.
Cindy, sitting on my first means of transport, a little 50cc step-thru' Suzuki.
Judy could and would climb ladders with ease, but was terrified of heights.
Singing dog
Charlie the singing sensation
Judy, after a bath
Taking the dogs for a walk is very much a favourite occupation for everyone who came to Maison de la Famille. In the end, we had to set up a rota system to…
Dirty boy, Charlie! Bad boy, Charlie!
Charlie likes to dig. And he likes to get dirty digging. What he can't seem to understand is that it always, but always, leads him to the dreaded bathroom for a…
Bill and the dogs at play
The dogs don't really like water... but on a hot day, when no-one was looking, we sneaked a lilo into the pool and they came for ride around the pool. We think…
Charlie, after a bath
Everyone seems to enjoy taking the dogs for a walk. So many children were queueing up to take them out in the summer we had to set up a booking system! But lots…
Bill at Jumilhac
The château at Jumilhac is a classic example of what the world expects a château to look like!
This particular one claims that Rapunzel, the fairy-tale, was…
Jan and Charlie
Jan was determined not to like Parson Russell Terriers. She held out right up to the point we went to view the puppies before buying them, and Charlie fell…
Beynac is a gloriously spectacular village on the Dordogne. It is also spectacularly steep. We went there in the cool of the Spring, before all the tourists…
Winter walk
One of the simplest and best pleasures! A walk with the dogs on a fine winter day.
Judy in trouble?
Judy always thinks she is guilty. And she's usually right! But in this case, all I'm waving at her is a camera.
Judy resting in the shade
When it's hot it's really hot. Even Judy will slow down for an all-too-brief rest in the shade of the hydrangea.
Doggy swimming lesson
Charlie & Judy, being terriers, are not as fond of water as might be hoped. Walking across the swimming pool cover in January when it has been down to -15°C…
Judy on her back
All our animals are weird and like to sleep on their backs. Judy has always liked showing off her spotty tummy.
Puppies asleep
Still young at six months old, the dogs fall asleep whenever nothing very much is happening. It's the only time we know they're not being naughty.
When they weren't destroying everything they could get their teeth into, Charlie and Judy liked nothing better than a bit of rough'n'tumble.
The Puppies in the garden
Once they old enough to be allowed in the garden, it didn't take long for the area to look like a battlefield.