From September 1986 until April 1995, all my spare time and money was concentrated in leaping from any aircraft, anywhere at any time. I have a disappointing number of photographs from that time, but what I have, I have displayed here.
Publicity Shot
Bath Chronicle shot, framed. My first jump was a charity jump in memory of Gerry's step-Dad.
Buckle up
Jack Kawkins checking my main harness before the front reserve goes on
Helmet on, go!
I enjoyed everything about this day. Not sure anyone else did, really.
Ooh-er missus!
Jack ensuring the harness is good and tight, yet bearably comfortable.
Important straps
Best to make sure these straps are well-positioned, as well as tight.
Kitting up
Dope on a rope preparation
3rd Jump
20 September 1986. Colerne. This is pretty much what it is supposed to look like! I'm too tall and not bendy enough for a real arch, but for me, this is as damn…
Glidepath Maverick
Bringing her into land. Small but very responsive
Silver Stars 5-stack
Silver Stars 5 stack
A photo Jeff Chandler let me have. This is the photo that committed me to CRW. When I saw this, it's all I wanted to do.
4 accidents looking for a grid reference.
Winter jump at A1. Tom Scanlon, Go-low Jo, Me, Tony Bell.
Coming down
Coming down faster than going forward, but hey, it's still a square! I used this "borrowed" Cloud for some time, courtesy of Jeff.
Silver Stars Cloud
I loved this Cloud. It was a bit worn-out and old, but it was a square.
Quick, re-pack
Landing accomplished, now to re-pack and do it all over again.
Diaper-rigged Cloud
I really enjoyed my Cloud. Most people had never seen a diaper rig before and were amazed it ever opened. It always did, even if it did look like a bag of…
Tracking exercise
Still an early jump, this tracking exercise showed I was still very much a Work in Progress. Photo by Jeff.
First Jump
Head down on exit, otherwise, not a totally bad effort. And so much fun!
Glidepth Maverick
Evening landing at A1, Abbotsley.
Packing my new Maverick into it's Rigging Innovations Talon container. Lovely kit, served me well.
Kitting Up
Gerry Chandler, Me, Frank Pisanu
Diaper Rigger Cloud
Horrendous looking opening sequence, but my old Cloud was reliable and easy to handle.