Yes, it's true! Jan and Bill really did get married. And in fact, we still are .
It happened at the Royal Duchy Hotel, in Falmouth Cornwall. The date was Friday, 17th September 1999 and the weather* was marvellous.
Everyone said they had a wonderful time, even after having to travel such a long distance in order to get there. Nobody was late, the Hotel staff (cheers Damien!) were magnificent, the organisation was spot on.
The following selection of wedding pictures include some of the official photographs taken by Cameracraft of Truro. If anyone else who came has any photographs of their own that they could lend us, We'd love to scan them in and add them to the full collection.
*Oh yes, the Saturday after was quite something, Gales, wind, rain, fallen trees. We're afraid most people had a horrendous job getting out of Cornwall... we honeymooned in Lynmouth, at the very north of Exmoor, and it took us over 4hrs. to get there! (2hrs. would be a more normal sort of journey time.) We were SO lucky with the weather on the Friday.
B22-12 Official Wedding Photo
B22-7 Jan & Dad
B22-9 Signing the Register
B23-4 Jan & Mum
B23-11 Garter
B23-12 Penguins
B23-4 Parker Family Group
B23-5 Bride's Family
B23-7 Chris,Gwen,Bill,Jan,Tony
B24-11 Jan & Bill
B24-2 Jan & Kate
B24-3 Obligatory Group Photo
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B24-4 Kiss
B24-5 Jan & Bill
B24-7 Jan & Bill
B24-8 Jan & Bill
B25-1 Wedding Cake
B25-1 Jan
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